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FrankenBOOT Sat Mar 21st! [Mar. 20th, 2009|12:47 pm]


FrankenBOOT is droppin Mash-Up madness on ya again this Saturday Mar 21st!

The party will have all of its usual crazyness, but this month we've got a double-whammy of amazing midnight performances! We missed him last month because of illness, so we're bringing back Seattle's superstar chanteuse Ade performing a live Mash-Up! PLUS FrankenBOOT is also pleased to present the world premiere of THE FRANKENBOOT DANCERS!! These talented ladies will be performing their mashed-up interpretation of a bootleg for you in one incredible Mash-Up stageshow! This is, for realsies, not to be missed!

FrankenBOOT goes down this Saturday Mar 21st at Re-bar 1114 Howell St. 10p-2a $5 before 11pm, $8 after!

We'll see you there!

Poster by Mike Segawa, Check out his other amazing work at www.mikesegawa.com!