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Seattle's Original ALL MASH-UP, Bootleg & illegal music party!

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FrankenBOOT is Seattle's Original ALL MASH-UP, Bootleg and illegal music party that happens on the 3rd Saturday of every month at Re-bar!

We've got all the classic bootlegs that you love, plus the freshest pirated tunes available! And we always have tons of exclusive FrankenBOOT-only mashes from some of the best bootleg artists working today!

Expect to hear such bastardized madness as Nirvana vs Destiny's Child, Michael Jackson vs Le Tigre, Missy Elliott vs The Cure, Depeche Mode vs Goldfrapp, Lil Kim vs They Might Be Giants, Adam Ant vs Amerie, Franz Ferdinand vs The Jets, Outkast vs Queen, Nine Ince Nails vs Mariah Carey, Human League vs Ms Jade, M.I.A. vs Super Mario Bros, Madonna vs Ludacris, Khia vs Prince, Eurythmics vs Eminem, Kelly Clarkson vs John Fogerty, Beatie Boys vs Basement Jaxx and tons upon tons of other booty rockin' bootlegs!

PLUS each month the first lucky people through the door get a limited edition FREE Mash-Up CD!

As always the party goes down from 10p-2a at Re-bar (1114 Howell st. Seattle) every 3rd Saturday, $5 before 11pm, $8 after!

See you there!

It gets steamy at FrankenBOOT

Do you have pics from a FrankenBOOT? Questions about a song that was played? Need to find a date for the next FrankenBOOT? POST IT HERE!
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